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DVCG strives to keep a healthy balance in our client portfolio, serving companies and organizations across their spectrum of needs.

Our consultants will work with you to provide a strategically tailored experience, by understanding your needs and providing the best talent solutions from our network of experienced, financial and operational professionals.



Taproot has been connecting social good organizations with skilled volunteers for over two decades. They launched Taproot Plus, an open-access online platform that enables non-profits to connect directly with professionals and collaborate on virtual projects.

Our breakthrough, research-based tools strengthen the part of your brain that serves you and quiet the part that sabotages you. You handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress."   – Client  Name, position


Lulu Designs Jewelry creates elegant necklaces, rings, earrings & bracelets crafted from silver, gold, precious gemstones & fine metals.

ReD is a strategy consulting company that uses Sensemaking, a unique approach that marries social science and traditional business techniques. They use anthropologists, sociologists, economists, journalists and designers to study human behaviour and help clients develop a new perspective on their business.

A marketing company that helps leaders in groundbreaking organizations tell captivating stories that attract top talent
and increase funding.

Cardenas Consulting Group is an organization focused on improving the capacities of the behavioral health care ecosystem.

Politics Rewired is a collective of software developers and digital organizers who use technology to help the Left win and wield power. They launched the fork of Spoke used by Bernie 2020's peer-to-peer texting program, sending 260 million messages.

Refresh Your Space is a full-service Interior Design and home renovation firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They will listen to your needs, identify opportunities to bring out market potential, and focus on the elements that matter.

Partnering with client marketing teams to build high-scale digital customer acquisition capabilities through world-class technology, people and processes. The result: growth at effective costs.

Electric Motorcycle Startup and leader in the dirt bike industry, with innovative battery and power train technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Premier Pools & Spas (PPAS) is a World's Largest Pool Builder that builds and services swimming pools and spas for homeowners across the country. They are committed to bringing their family's dream to life with integrity, innovation, and devotion.

Local Independent Online News (LION) Publishers is a professional journalism association for independent news publishers, providing teaching, resources and community to independent news entrepreneurs as they build and develop sustainable businesses.

Bio-tech company focused on the development of a small molecule heat shock protein for treatment of bladder and other cancers.

Renewed apparel and textiles company, focused on to making existing linear manufacturing practices circular.

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